Testimonials From Our Clients

Testimonials From Our Clients

The class really opened up more discussions between me and my husband. We learned so much each night and got us to be on the same wavelength.


I feel more at ease about giving birth.


I learned new ways to support my wife during and after birth.


The class took a lot of my fear away. I feel confident that I can do this! We feel better prepared to ask questions and to make informed decisions.


It was very easy to ask questions, whatever they were. The class was not overwhelming and helped me relax...I feel much more prepared than I was.


I liked the small size of class which allowed a more open discussion. The group exercises were helpful too and the “props” were handy. The class helped me become much more prepared and to understand the challenges facing us. I feel much less anxious and ready for the challenges.


Our instructor was very well spoken, knowledgeable and energetic.


The instructor knows her stuff!


I am a labor and delivery nurse so my situation is a bit different but I think my husband feels much more comfortable and involved. It was also great to hear what information new moms are getting about childbirth and I think that helps me be a better nurse. I was very impressed with our instructor and I felt she gave very accurate and informative information.


I feel like I have a better grasp of the whole process, what to expect and what I want.


I loved that there was always lots of time to ask questions and nothing was off limits.


She made me feel more confident about trying breastfeeding.


Very enjoyable class. Dads don’t have to dread or fear this class!


The class answered questions I would not have even thought to ask!


I appreciate that no one method was encouraged over another.


I feel more aware of what to expect and how to advocate for myself. This was a fun way to learn about childbirth!


The class prepared me for a variety of different scenarios that I would have been otherwise unprepared for.


I always left feeling informed but not too overwhelmed. I also appreciated the instructor’s laid back but informative teaching style and sense of humor. I feel much more at ease than I did six weeks ago!


Blew me away!  I took this class to remember / refresh and I am simply amazed at what I have learned.


Most, if not all, my questions were answered thoroughly. I feel I can be a confident father.


The CPR class definitely gives you the knowledge and familiarity if you ever are faced with a situation. The hands-on experience was great.


…many myths were dispelled.


The sibling preparation instructor took time to talk to each child and speak directly to each child by name.


Keep doing what you are doing! Fantastic job!


Keep inspiring and teaching mothers-to-be...this is a great beginning.